Who we are


Our mission is to promote, enhance and develop the arts for the people of Coles County in an effort to provide the opportunity for all segments of the population to enjoy, appreciate and participate in the arts and thereby create an improved quality of life.

Coles County Arts Council Mission Statement




Executive Board:

President - Charlotte England

VP for Membership - Richard England

Secretary - Pam Gutowski

Treasurer - Ryan Siegel


Dramatic Arts/Dance - Earl Halbe

Literature - Daiva Markelis

Musical Arts - Elizabeth Halbe

Visual Arts - Open for 2021

Historical Heritage - Carolyn Stephens

Memoir - June Hayden

Grants - Paul Hinson

Member at Large: Janet Messenger

The Coles County Arts Council is a not for profit, all volunteer organization now in its 35th year of supporting and providing arts education, performances and programs to the people of our rural, central Illinois community. We offer scholarships, support film and literary festivals, host writing groups and workshops, provide grants to local theatre and music groups, organize art exhibitions and invite young children to express themselves at free public art events.