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What we do


Fourth of July Chalk-In: A free, all age chalk-drawing competition held In conjunction with Charleston’s Red, White and Blue Days.


Artist Day in the Garden: A day of inspiration for artists and the public at the Wesley Whiteside Garden east of Charleston.


Kid’s Arts in the Park: Introducing art to the children of Coles County through a series of free activities and performances.


City Art Exhibit: This year-long, rotating exhibit of works from CCAC member artists is free to the public. It’s located in the Charleston City Hall Building at 520 Jackson Ave.


Fiber Arts Workshops: Explore a variety of fiber arts approaches including beadworking, weaving, quilting, crocheting, dyeing, surface design, etc. The list is virtually endless!


Memoir Writers Groups: Open to those interested in writing memoirs, short stories and poems. Their efforts have culminated in the publication of two books, available for purchase, as well as a number of public readings.


Honors Recital: A free recital of preschool through high school age music students competing for Summer camp scholarships. Participants must audition for a chance to compete.


Annual Meeting: Wrapping up the end of the year with entertainment from our scholarship winners and updates to the membership about our achievements and future plans.


Arts in te Afternoon: Our annual celebration of the arts in Coles County.

Grants & Sponsorships

We sponsor or provide assistance to a number of organizations and activities throughout the year, including dance performances, concerts and community outreach opportunities.


Embarras Valley Film Festival: Founded by the CCAC, this EIU College of Arts & Humanities film festival features screenings, discussions, workshops and a student film contest.


Central Illinois Feminist Film Festival: As the host of one of the few feminist film festivals in existence, EIU’s Women’s Studies Program explores feminism


We offer several scholarships related to the cost of workshops and Summer camps for the youth and young adults of Coles County in visual arts, music, drama, dance, creative writing and fiber arts.

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